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If you happen to be a driver in the only state named after a president, you should be aware of what basic regulations you need to follow .It is essential that you have a coverage which has limits of at least 25/50/10.

>> $25,000 for injury to another person
>> $50,000 for injuries to all other persons
>> $10,000 for damage to another's property

Having only 25/50/10 coverage will only help you in following the law, but what about safety???

For the same reason, you can opt for additional coverage which can include
>> Collision coverage,
>> Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage,
>> Personal Injury Protection - PIP is insurance coverage for medical and other expenses, such as wage loss and funeral expenses, which result from an auto accident, no matter who is at fault.

Your premium is dependent on various factors such as
>> age, sex, marital status,
>> driving pattern, claims history,
>> location,
>> credit history,
>> Model and year of your vehicle.

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On the basis of above factors you may be offered coverage in one of three markets:
1. Preferred Market: This market has the lowest premiums. It is for low-risk drivers with excellent driving records.
2. Standard Market: This market is for the average driver and has a reasonably good driving record.
3. Non-standard Market: This market is intended for young drivers, drivers with multiple tickets or a bad driving history in general.

If you are suffering from a bad case of driving record or claims, you may have trouble finding an insurance company willing to offer you coverage. In this case the Automobile Insurance Plan is for you. Your agent or broker will contact the Automobile Insurance Plan on your behalf. To qualify for this plan it is compulsory for you to be:
>> A Washington State resident or a member of the U.S. military.
>> Have a valid Washington State driver's license.
>> Not owe any debt on previous auto insurance coverage

SR 22

You will need this form, along with insurance if you:
>> Get caught driving without insurance.
>> Drive while under the influence.
>> Cause an accident and have no insurance.
>> Have repeat traffic violations
>> Have your license suspended

Your insurance company will provide you with this form. SR 22 will be provided to DOL as proof that you have an auto liability policy issued by an insurance company licensed to do business in Washington State.

So if you stay in Washington, the State makes sure you stay covered, the only thing you need to remember is while going for insurance shop around as different companies charge differently and you certainly don't want to end up losing a good deal. Also ask the company if there are any discounts that you may be qualified for. You can also go for higher deductibles in case you can afford to pay the amount at the time of accidents. In the end you should keep in mind that the cheapest won't be the best but you must understand your needs and then go for the best possible deal.

So go ahead, and buy that insurance you have been putting off for sometime now!!

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