Old or New Car Whichever You Buy, Auto Insurance is Must for You

A brand new Merc or one that has been used by someone else before. Buying a car whether new or old, you cannot escape auto insurance.

I know that getting auto insurance is the least priority when you buy a used car. The reason is that the car is old and probably costs you a lot less than a new one, if anything happens to it you can easily replace it.

But then don't forget that any car you drive on road has potential of causing an accident. So in case your old car is involved in an accident and you are responsible for the crash, you will have to pay for all the physical injuries to others and also cover any property damage to their assets and possessions. If you don't carry minimum insurance as mandated by the State, then the Court may order to sell your assets and cover the expenses.

So in any circumstance you should always have insurance. As always you can customize your insurance policy according to your needs.

When it comes to buying optional coverages like collision and comprehension, it's your call. Both are used to cover any damage to your car and pay for expenses that are caused in repairing and replacing your car. When the cost of repairing your old car is more than buying a new car altogether, it doesn't make much sense to buy these expensive coverages. Also, for older cars the total loss caused by any theft or accident would also be lower than for a newer car, so you can think of dropping the coverage.

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You can also lower your insurance by going for higher deductibles. When you buy a used car it may already have few negligible damages and is certainly not better than a new car. As an owner you may not always want to repair all small damage and so you can go for higher deductibles and claim for major accidents only. When you do this keep in mind that the insurer won't come for your rescue for smaller damages and you will have to pay for the expenses. So decide after thoroughly thinking its pros and cons.

Also few cars models are better at providing protection against accidents, so make sure you buy that model, which is safe for driving in order to lower your insurance rates. Also, if you buy cars which have easy replaceable parts, then you can benefit.

You are using an old car which may have more chances of a breakdown. To avoid hassles of a breakdown in the middle of the road and the expenses that follow, you can go for Towing and Labor Cost Coverage. It is an added coverage which will cover the expenses you incur by having your car towed or by having any emergency work done on your car by the side of the road. This coverage will only pay for towing and labor charges but not any costs of installing any new component in your car.

Keep in mind that your insurance doesn't only depend on the age, model and make of your car. Your driving record also matters .If you have a bad driving record then you can take driving courses to improve your driving and make sure that you drive safe. Doing this will surely reduce your premium.

Your premium will also depend on
>> Your age, gender and marital status
>> Your residence
>> The place where you park your vehicle
>> Anti-theft and safety devices installed in your car
>> Credit score
>> How often and how much you drive

So don't think that just by buying a used car you will lower your insurance rates. Buying an old car and having a bad credit score won't help. So for an overall reduction in insurance rates you can follow the following options:
>> Drive safe
>> If you are a student, then maintaining a decent GPA can help you avail discounts
>> Parking in a garage can ensure safety
>> Maintain a good credit score
>> Install safety devices to avoid car thefts and damage
>> Reducing your car usage by using public transport

So whenever you set out to buy a car or insurance taking hasty decision is not suitable for safe driving.

Quick decisions are unsafe decisions - Sophocles

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