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Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Lawrence, Evansville, Hammond... No matter where you live, if you are a driver in the State of Indiana then you are supposed to adhere to the State's auto insurance laws. The State follows a tort system, which suggests that someone must be found at fault for causing the accident and his/her insurer is supposed to reimburse the injured party for the damages.

If you want to drive without any legal hassles (pertaining to insurance) then you are supposed to buy:

Bodily Injury Liability:
It covers the medical costs of any physical injury caused to passengers in your and other cars (in an accident for which you are held responsible). It will also cover the legal costs that you may have to incur.
>> $25,000 for the death or injury of any 1 person, any 1 accident
>> $50,000 for 2 or more persons in any 1 accident subject to $25,000 per person limit

Property Damage Liability:
It pays for damage to other people's property caused by your car. It will include anything from a mail box, fence, and electric post and so on.
>> $10,000 for damages in any one accident
This basic coverage is often referred to as 25/50/10 coverage.

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Even though it is mandatory, there are many people who cannot afford to buy a policy or there are those who simply don't purchase it. If you are involved in an accident with someone who has insufficient insurance to cover for your damages or with someone who has no insurance at all, you may be in trouble.

Keeping this in mind, you should always buy the uninsured and underinsured motorists' coverages. The coverage allows you to get reimbursed from your own insurance company. This is included in your policy unless you reject it in writing.

Minimum liability limits are:
>> Uninsured Motorists: Bodily Injury: $25,000/$50,000
>> Property Damage: $10,000
>> Under insured Motorists: Bodily Injury: $50,000

If you think you need more insurance then you can go for -
>> Collision: It will pay for damages caused to your car by collision with any other car.
>> Comprehensive: It will pay for damages to your car caused by dangers other than a collision. It includes losses such as theft, fire, any natural calamity and animal impact etc.

In both these cases, you can go for a higher deducible and reduce your insurance rates. Deductible is the amount which your insurer will not reimburse and you will have to incur the losses up to that amount by your own. You can decide the deductible limit according to your capacity of paying premium.

If for some reason you are not able to purchase a policy in the voluntary market then you can apply for the Indiana Auto Insurance Plan through any insurance agent in Indiana. This will help you to insure yourself even when the market considers you risky.

If you do not possess valid insurance then you are committing a Class A infraction. This means risking your driver's license and also your registration. If your license is suspended, the reinstatement fees can be $150- $300 depending on how many offense you have committed before.

In case of suspension, you will also have to fill SR-22 form, which the BMV will keep it as a record for three years. If you're insurance lapses during that time period the BMV can immediately suspend your license again. So isn't it wiser to buy insurance?

For buying a policy, you need not spend an entire day at the insurance company's office or call an agent to your place. A few clicks can take you places. Use internet for getting quotes from various companies. With growing competition, you may be surprised with the discounts they offer you. Don't miss the opportunity and go for the company which offers you the best deal.

In -line is slow, online is fast.....

So get online and buy the auto insurance you have been putting off for a while.

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