Affordable Car Insurance Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Purchasing auto insurance can be quite taxing if you have unsolved doubts. It is important that you get a satisfactory answer to every question that you have. We have listed a few common questions which may arise in your mind while buying auto insurance.

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1> Is it necessary to have auto insurance?
Many States have made auto insurance mandatory and a prerequisite to drive legally. If you don't have a valid insurance then you will end up paying penalties and your driving privileges may also be revoked. Also if you are involved in an accident then you'll have to pay for property damage and injuries out of your own pocket which can be financially excruciating. So it is always important that you buy auto insurance.

2> What is collision auto insurance and how it differs from comprehensive insurance?
Collision auto insurance will help you cover expenses of your car if it gets damaged in any collision (with another car or any other object). The comprehensive coverage will also cover damages to your car. The only difference between both of them is the causes they provide coverage for. The comprehensive coverage will pay for damages due to almost any other cause other than a collision. E.g. fire, arson, vandalism, flood, hail, impact due to animal etc.

3> I have bad driving record, can I still get insurance?
Having a bad driving record does have impact on your auto insurance because you are considered a risky driver and more prone to accidents. You can still avail insurance although you may have to higher premium for the bad driving record. In case you are not able to purchase insurance in the voluntary market then various States have auto insurance plan, you can avail insurance through it.

4> I have just got my learning permit; do I need to be insured?
If you have a learning permit then it is not compulsory for you to buy insurance. In few States the drivers on learner's permit can have auto insurance policy with a driver who has the regular driver license.

5> How often do I have to pay my premium?
It depends on what payment option you choose. Insurance companies offer you several options to pay your premium. You can either pay your insurance monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Some companies offer discounts if you pay the premium all at once.

6> Will it cost me to apply for auto insurance quote?
No, it won't cost you to get auto insurance quotes particularly if you are using the internet to do so. You can get free quotes just by filling in the basic details.

7> Can I sign up multiple people under the same policy?
Yes, it is possible to do so and will also be beneficial as you will have to pay only one premium than paying many separate bills. Keeping track of premium would also be easy and also you can avail discounts for having multiple people under the same policy.

8> How much time does it take to get an online car insurance quote?
If you are using the web to obtain quotes, then you can get multiple quotes within few minutes only. You are just required to fill the details in a short form and hit the submit option, and you are done.

9> What are the requirements concerning auto insurance coverage?
Every State requires you to fulfill financial responsibility and so it is necessary that you obtain minimum liability insurance. Every State has separate limits of insurance that is to be purchased by you. You can know auto insurance details of your State in the respective State information available on the site. It will provide you with the minimum requirements that you need to buy in order to drive legally.

10> Which factors affect my auto insurance rates?
Different companies have different standards and criteria to ascertain your insurance rates. A few of them have been listed here:
>> Age, gender and marital status
>> Your residence
>> Type of car you drive
>> Anti-theft and safety devices installed in your car
>> Driving Record
>> Credit score
>> How often and how much you drive
>> Discounts
>> Past-Claims

11> Is auto insurance available in my state?
Yes, we have coverage in all the 50 States to help you obtain insurance at affordable costs.

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