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Ultimate auto insurance is committed to offering affordable and the cheapest auto insurance to its customers. For us doing business doesn’t mean only selling insurance policies but ensuring that every individual is safe while driving.

We offer several insurance options for all models and types of cars and are associated with several leading companies like AIG, Allstate, Farmer, and Liberty Mutual as well as smaller companies like Golden Rule, The Hartford, and Nationwide. We are proud to announce that we are present in all the 50 States as well as the Federal District. This enables us to get in touch with you, no matter where you are.

We take pleasure in not only providing lowest possible insurance rates but also in making the consumers understand about insurance and its importance. We have a large collection of articles related to auto insurance and its various types. The articles are specifically written with the objective of making consumers understand what exactly insurance means rather than giving ambiguous idea of it.

We also have a separate glossary to help you understand specific insurance terms.

It is always essential that you solve your queries and doubts whenever they arise, and for that we have a distinctive list of FAQs, which will solve almost all your doubts. In a scenario that FAQs are not able to do so, you can connect with us anytime through our EMAIL ID ( We promise to provide you total support in making a right decision.

We are completely dedicated in providing you with an insurance policy that YOU need. For that you just need to fill a simple form and start your car insurance shopping.

The earlier you start the better!

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